Wednesday, December 20, 2017

City of Angels Hanham screws up every deal.....

Look out for any sharp object!!
   Angels Camp is in hard times. How they afford to pay people who screw up every deal that comes their way is in part due to Dave Hanham, a so-called planner
for the city.

   Wait til you hear what he is trying to do to a new opportunity, along with his fellow screw-ups at

Destination Angels Camp.   We will be reporting out every corrupt thing these people do in the next few months.

   Destination Angels Camp is a worthless organization that only creates problems for existing and possible new businesses in the area.

     They have no clue what they are doing and they should NOT be allowed to get their pal Hanham to force people into Conditional Use Permits and other corrupt decisions.

   Deals will fail and we will make sure that Hanham and DAC get the correct blame, just like all the other businesses they got to spend money in Angels and a year later they lost everything!!!

  Maybe they'll write a book together called "The Art of the Screw-Up Deal!!"  And why is Debbie Ponte invited by Hanham to help with his screw-ups!  LOCK THEM UP!! LOCK THEM UP!!

   Is Larry Cornish (the one who we hear gossips nastily about business people) still the head of this unprofit???


Anonymous said...

Hey, somebody's got these people pegged. City tries to rip off anyone who comes in for MORE MONEY if they think they can get it. CUP-MO Money

Anonymous said...

Never know what they'll do next, but never anything to HELP a business, that's for sure. i know.

Anonymous said...

Angels Camp -- corruption. always has, probably always will

Anonymous said...

Do I see larry Cornish in this mix. He couldn't even keep a maternity ward open at his last job.

Anonymous said...

That destination place is rumored to be a place where ann forest and all her buddies hang out to gossip about all the other business people. some help they are!