Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Temporary Sheriff says he abuses his dog!!!!

  In a shocking statement by the temporary Calaveras Sheriff, De Basilio says he doesn't abuse anything, except his DOG.  We are reminded of Neighbor from Hell # 37!!

   He used the referral in reference to his dog killing one of his chickens when saying he abuses his dog.  What kind of a man is this???  It's a natural instinct for dogs to chase chickens!  Does he cut off his paws???

   We need to know, Mr. DeBasilio.  We hear this man harassing cannabis growers and constantly inferring  to growers as CRIMINALS!!  He is a criminal if he is abusing his dog!!

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Anonymous said...

Wait one hell of a minute here. He calls growers criminals but abuses his own dog. He IS the criminal. Somehting wrng with depasilio