Sunday, December 24, 2017

Nearly a year of being 'TRUMPED on"

   After nearly a year of our country and its citizens being "TRUMPED ON" by a racist billionaire who cares nothing about
anyone but himself, what worse can happen in 2018??

   Even some of those Trump voters who say they aren't racist (haha) are sensing that the chaos, and all out incompetence of the man is too much for our Democracy to endure.

   The move towards Hitler and Putin dictatorship is obvious, with the 1st Amendment out the window (that's the first thing both of his predecessors did) will bring us down if Republicans won't admit what they have done!! 

  Mueller's investigation is now into the MONEY!  It's about following the MONEY!  Trump has got to rid himself of Mueller or his is a goner!!

   We, as voters, need to make sure that in 2018 NONE of his lovers get re-elected. In our area, that means McClintock, and state senator and assemblyman who are the worst we've ever had.

   Yes, after a year of being "Trumped on", we have to ACT!!!

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