Friday, December 29, 2017

Is Tom McClintock a 'moron' too??

  Our representative in the House is Tom McClintock!  You probably don't even know him, since he doesn't live in or often visit the district.  He is nothing but a CARPETBAGGER!!

   He is asking for money, saying he's running on all the businesses in Calaveras County who say they are getting a great deal of money from Trumps tax cut for the rich. McClintock says they are all hiring and expanding in 2018.

   Mr. McClintock, please give us a list of the names of these businesses that love you so much. We know hundreds of people in Calaveras who are unemployed due to your BAD governing and poor representation in Congress. 

   We know you were for this tax cut and for causing us in California you lose the State and Local Tax deductions.  You were allowed to vote no to look good, but NEVER got up on the floor or on any new network to tell the truth of how BAD it really is!!

   You are a phony and a fraud, McClintock!  Put up or shut up!  Your racist Alt-Righters will give you money to try and Make America White Again, but none of the nice people will!

   If you think we will, then you must be a 'moron' like Secretary of State Tillerson calls your racist President!!

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