Thursday, December 21, 2017

Threats to the United Nations???? Assailed in Britain for being American???

   UPDATE:  The United Nations just voted overwhelmingly to rebuke and deny the US declaration to make Jerusalem the capitol of Israel.  Haley spoke after the vote, saying "The US will remember those who disrespected us!"

   The fact is, it was the US or rather its "moron" President who disrespects everyone and who made a big mistake in his decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem.

Yesterday Nikki Haley (who we have tried to give some credit to), loudly proclaimed to the United Nations that ANY nation who votes against them in the worldwide  rebuke
for moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem "We are taking names".

  In addition, Trump stated "We will cut off aid to those countries who vote against us in this rebuke." What has happened to our country.

   At the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on Tuesday December 19, 2017 a member of the public told the board that friends of hers who had recently traveled to Britain were shocked to find that they were constantly questioned about how crazy people in the US had become.

   They wanted to know why we are putting up with a crooked and crazy man in the White House and were assailed about this everywhere they went, she said.

   This is all so embarrassing. White Supremacy, hate, religious extremist hacks, big tax breaks for the rich that WE will be paying for; where will it all end?

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