Sunday, December 24, 2017

Jay Grimstead on Public Access TV

   We were surprised to see Jay Grimstead on Public Access TV channel 7, leading a prayer and being praised by the CCTV host as having a wonderful newsletter.

   Grimstead once contacted the Sierra Sentinel to try and get us to promote a White Supremacist group he was leading out of Chalcedon Chapel in Vallecito.  We refused after researching the organization. Chalcedon Chapel was on the list of Hate Groups in America by the SPLC.

   The woman who was holding the microphone seemed to be a big supporter of his religious views. We can no longer find him associated with Chalcedon.  Be very cautious if you research Mr. Grimsteads philosophy.

   We are also very concerned about the right wing religious radical element of channel 7 on Public Access TV here locally. Several people have told us after watching it that there is an extremist and continual advertising now on this channel.


Anonymous said...

I heard they also think homosexuals should be put to death or something like that. bad, bad, bad!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, real nice guy all right!!