Friday, December 22, 2017

Neighbor shoots 2 golden retrievers: More Neighbors From HELL!!.

One of the most gentle of dogs, the
golden retriever is a wonderful companion!
   How many neighbors from hell are there in this country?  We have another one to share with you.

  Two golden retrievers were shot
by a neighbor seen in a video running away with a bb gun rifle.

    The shooting is on video and the owner of the two dogs plans to sue.  One bled to death. The other will live but will never be the same.

   Way too many sick people running loose. This guy was apparently upset at the dogs barking. His punishment should be equal to that of that done to the dogs.

   After hearing the Calaveras Sheriff DeBasilio admit to abusing his own dog, we are even more concerned about what is going on in the Calaveras Sheriff's department.

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