Thursday, December 21, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Sheriff Debasilio

   Dear Editor:

   This letter is in reference to your article yesterday about a speech Sheriff Rick Debasilio made at a board meeting.

   After reading about him publicly acknowledging he abuses his dog and inferring that pot growers murder people when they deliver their products, I went back a watched the video.

   To my amazement, you were 100% correct. What is the matter with the man? Did anyone report this to the department?

  I even noticed that Supervisor Oliveira warned him, and asked if there should be a conviction before he takes action. Debasilio gave me the impression that they are ALL criminals!!

   I realize that we are in a HICK county with lowly educated people in elected office; but give me a break. The Sheriff, in my opinion, should be in jail.

   Thank you for considering this letter,
   P in Mokelumne Hill

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