Friday, March 16, 2018

Calaveras Sheriff candidate Gary Stevens responds

See 'Gary Stevens out hanging signs" (left)  We asked Gary Stevens if the comments were true or not and if he would like to make a statement.

   When we received a negative anonymous comment about Gary Stevens we asked him to respond. This is his official response:

   "Of course this is an
absolute lie. I have worked under 5 Sheriffs as a peace officer, I have never been 'relieved' from duty as a peace officer.

     I have had one complaint filed against me which was investigated and found to be unfounded.

   I have been a witness in an internal investigation against another eputy while working for Calaveras County. I have worked for two Sheriff's Offices, Calaveras and Amador.

   during that time, I worked under three different Sheriffs, Fred Garrison, Bill Nuttall and Dennis Downum. In Amador it was Mike Prizmich and Martin Ryan. I left both Sheriff's Offices honorably.

   I have served the public honestly, truthfully and with respect for more than 28 years.  I have not ever, I am not, nor will I ever be a racist. That is  not who I am.

   Please keep in mind that I try very hard to run a clean campaign and constantly tell my committees to always take the high road, to not argue an not debate with others over issues.

   This appears to simply be someone who disagrees with me and or my position. Thank you for the opportunity to respond. "

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