Thursday, June 14, 2018

Blue Tarp Gang needs more tarps

  Now that the Blue Tarp Gang is on welfare and fights among themselves all the time. (they can't stand each other) they can't afford to replace their ripped tarps.

   Please help by donating any old blue tarp you can to the low-lifes. Leave them at the sign of any road kill. That's where they shop for dinner now.

  Thank you so much!  Welfare, medi-cal, food stamps ain't so bad, are it?

And you sooo deserve everything you get!  Everyone can hear you yelling at each other now that you are stuck in that shack together all the time.


Anonymous said...

I thought they were baiting and hunting on their little lot and eating after torturing and killing wildlife like squirrels, quail, etc. makes me sick to think of it. heard they are poor.

Anonymous said...

They eat road kill? luv it, luv it. think its true