Sunday, June 17, 2018

Calaveras Asst. CAO demoted!

   While the Board of Supervisors did not lower the pay rate or official title of Brian Moss, who has been assistant to the
CAO of Calaveras County, they did agree to demote him.

   The new CAO Tim Lutz recommended the change in his budget and a short battle ensued over whether he should keep his full pay and benefits, it was agreed that he should not remain in the CAO's office.

   Moss, however, will assume the position if CAO Lutz is unavailable.  This will probably avoid any lawsuits from Moss over the decision.

    Although this was a difficult decision on the part of Tim Lutz, we agree with him that it was a necessary one.  We never believed that Moss was CAO material, although he is well-liked!

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Nice Guy! No Cigar!