Sunday, June 17, 2018

First death threat the Sierra Sentinel received was..."A New Gang in Town"

The mistake the 5 suspected hackers made was that
they didn't realize we printed everything on hard
copy and put in in our big safe. STUPID,
STUPID, STUPID kooks and racists!
  It wasn't more than a couple of weeks after the Sierra Sentinel went online that we received our first actual death threat.

   An anonymous story had been published called A New Gang in Town, about a fictional bunch of criminals hiding behind their large number of Blue Tarps.

  Most everyone thought it was hilarious, except for one who believed it was written about one of his girl friends.  It said that the writer would end up in a BLACK BODY BAG!!  Shows you what kind of girl friends this guy has.

   After we published that we were prosecuting this person, whoever it turned out to be, Sheriff Kuntz, who we believed was a friend (we even stored his 100 campaign signs in our barn), told us that a man named Michael Preston admitted to him that he wrote it and that now he says it was meant as a joke.

   At the time Kuntz stated he would turn the email over to the DA. Not only did he not turn it over, but he ordered the deputy Crabtree not to write it up as a death threat. 

  From there, things went even more downhill at the Sheriff's office, more boozing, more lies, more cover-ups (oh, the things we could, and WILL, tell you about), which now continues with DiBasilio!

   This is one of the articles we had previously published but was hacked off the site. Wonder who could have been one of the 5 of the conspiracy involved. hmmmm

   We will be sharing everything we know about this Preston, whom we only knew as a failed political hack at the time, a detested racist and could not get along with respectable women.

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Anonymous said...

oh, my gosh. I so remember this. have loved the sierra sentinel from the beginning because you don't hide or protect this kind of mentally deficint creep. and I do believe preston is one.