Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Impeach TRUMP??

He wouldn't know the truth or care if it hit him
right smack dab in the NOSE!!
   Now that its likely the Democrats will gain control of at least the House of Representatives in November and possibly even the Senate, the I word keeps coming up.

   Nothing to do with the fact that the worthless SOB deserves to be impeached; we think the Dems will leave him in there, because he is destroying the Republican Party.

   That way, in 2020 they can get rid of the racist and mentally disturbed nut case and not have to deal with Pence, who many believe is worse in some ways.

   Will our country have learned anything from allowing the "deplorables", uneducated and racists gain control of our wonderful country?

   How long will it take after he is dumped to Make America Great Again???

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