Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Dear Mr. Lutz: Con job survey on TOT tax

   This morning the county administrator Tim Lutz sent out a survey from a company whom our 5 illustrious Supervisors PAID BIG MONEY to con us into voting for doubling of the TOT tax on the November ballot.

  Your name is on the front page, so you are NOT anonymous.  This company came before the BOARD, bragging that they can get things passed by "educating" voters, which means TRICKING THEM into voting for something.

  BEWARE!!  If you answer NO that you will not vote for this they continue to come after you again and again. I counted four times.

   This plan is to gain some money (app $400,000 a year) to replace the $13 million they threw in the trash by banning cannabis growers.

   They call this a PUBLIC OPINION poll, but it is nothing more than a crooked con against the residents of Calaveras.

   We sent an email back to Mr. Lutz telling him how we feel about disreputable companies making all kinds of OUR TAX money to convince us to vote the way they want.

  We are disgusted!!!

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