Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Legal Notices for Calaveras County in District 2

   At the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors meeting August 21, 2018 Supervisor Garamendi brought up that some people in District 2 whom he has spoken with feel that they are not
able to receive county notices properly or easily and mentioned The Valley Springs News, owner of the Calaveras County News as the apparent problem.

   The Calaveras Newspaper of Record is The Calaveras County News, which is the countywide edition of The Valley Springs News. Their contract was just extended for 2 more years.

   It is available by subscription by calling 209-772-2234 for $26 a year.  It is mailed through the

  The paper is also available in District 2, per contract, in Mokelumne Hill, in front of Frank's Cafe', in Mountain Ranch inside Sender's Market, in Railroad Flat inside the Railroad Flat Market and in West Point in front of the Trading Post store.

   The owner of the paper plans to deliver 100 subscription forms to Jack Garamendi at a future board meeting for him to give to his constituents.

   The Calaveras County legals also appear online at our website,

     In addition, the Valley Springs Library is given 30 copies a week and their courier takes them to all of the other library branches for distribution.

   The bid for the county legal publications was obtained in 2016 in a competitive bidding process, the owner of the Valley Springs News' bid was 50% lower than what the county had been paying with the previous contractor, according to Nick Baptista, owner of the paper.

   In the two years of service we have not made any mistakes that have forced the county to postpone any hearings due to improper notification. In fact the reverse is true, per Mr. Baptista. "Since we print the paper in-house, we have been able to accept late county notices, and publish them in a timely fashion so they can stay on their public hearing timelines."

   According to previous Request For Proposals, the Valley Springs News is the only publication at this time that qualifies to print the county's legal notices. Two requirements they and no one else meets in particular are :

  The paper must publish twice a week and The paper must be printed in the county.



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Anonymous said...

My husband and I subscribe in Ebbetts Pass. It comes right on time, no problem.