Thursday, August 23, 2018

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira can lie just like TRUMP!

   Someone told us that Oliveira bought new signs with the $ 5000 he was given
by a right wing group.

   One says something like  'he works with the community' and the other one says he is 'getting rid of PD'. Since both statements are outright LIES, he must figure he can lie Just Like TRUMP does everyday.

   Trouble is, local folks can't stand liars in our midst and especially in public office, so good luck with showing us that you are a liar.

    Of course the biggest lie he has told lately was that he got rid of and would never have anything to do with Michael Preston, the man who was turned into Secret Service and FBI for threatening President Obama, "SHOOT the N*****!", and pointing both hands with fingers as if guns.

   The business where he was witnessed threatening the President is GONE now, we believe due to the racism and filth portrayed by Preston.  Couldn't even get sold, reputation was so bad.

   Now we hear he's hanging out at another place, trying to destroy that one, too!  Oliveira's closest buddy?


Anonymous said...

He's gonna be mad!

Anonymous said...

His new signs are so stupid, just like him.