Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Supervisor Oliveira says public comment needed

   Supervisor Oliveira made a motion that the proposed NEW RULES for the board and the public by tabled until the Board and the public has a chance to comment on them, likely at a night meeting.

   Chair Tofanelli was NOT happy. The Clerk of the Board was not happy. The County Counsel was not happy. She mentioned the Computer System was a problem.

   Jack Garamendi suggested a Study Session to allow the public to have more input. A lengthy discussion with Dennis Mills stating that this is the BOARD's meeting, not the publics.

  He doesn't feel the public should have any right and that he doesn't understand what the problem is.

   The same three right wing wackos: Tofanelli, Mills and Clapp voted against giving the public more time.

   Another motion was made by Mills to put this on the agenda in September for approval. The public can make their comments to their Supervisors or to the Board Clerk.


Anonymous said...

Wow can't believe Olly is saying that. You sure can tell he is running for re-election. lollollol

Anonymous said...

Mills revealed once again that he is not a Conservative. He is an extremist who believes government is the ruler of the people, not representative of the people.

Anonymous said...

He did get into it with Tofanelli, din't he? They need a woman on the Board1