Friday, August 24, 2018

Trump chose articles to hurt Clinton for National Enquirer

  David Pecker, who owns the National Enquirer, is now cooperating with the Mueller investigation
in Trump and Cohen's campaign finance violations.

   Pecker apparently has a safe full of Trump articles that he has kept locked up for Trump. Also, he seems to be admitting that Trump chose the nasty articles about Clinton during the last months of the 2016 campaign.

   It seems they felt that the Enquirer was read by the same 'deplorables' that are the racists and what Trump also calls his 'less educated' supporters, so he knew it would be effective. Front pages with horrid comments and photos of Clinton sat on grocery store checkouts.

  After all, why should Pecker go down for Trump?


Anonymous said...

Is Pecker cooperating or not? Article is confusing yes or no?

Anonymous said...

So Pecker and Trumpwipe were working together and add the Russians, every lowlife was targeted. and they still love him.