Thursday, August 23, 2018

Trump gives himself an A+! "The press is the problem!"

Oh, that's Daddy,
not honey Jr.
  In a ridiculously sweet, precious interview by Ainsley, Don Jr's latest girlfriend who works for FOX,  Trump made many strange statements.

   He said that he grades himself an A+ president, that its the press that doesn't cover him correctly.

   He said that Cohen was "not with him that much".  (Yeah, only 10 years.)

   He said that the two crimes Cohen plead guilty on campaign finance 'are not crimes'.

    He did not deny directing Cohen to make the deals with the women, saying only that "Cohen made the deals".

    He stated that "flipping" should be illegal. (our chief of law enforcement over our justice department actually said that)

  He complained about Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, saying he 'never took over the Justice Department".

   He didn't really answer whether he would pardon Manafort, fire Sessions or Rosenstein, but did say he would order the release of documents the Republicans in the House want, after the midterms. (If the Republicans hold the House)    

   What a joke FOX has become. Friends has become only the Trump Entertainment Channel.   

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Anonymous said...

Around the world, the news is talkinga bout nothing else. They all seem to give him an FFFFF!