Monday, August 27, 2018

Crazy Neighbors from Hell everywhere??

   Lately it seems that more and more people are having serious neighbor problems. Much of it seems to be based on the sick racism that Trump encourages to divide the country.

   We had another trespass last night. Dogs first heard and saw it, then we got out the shotgun. Saw them leaving, but they got away in the back. Walked around the back side, but no sign of them.

   Don't know about you, but I have a big stack of copies of all reports I've been forced to make about my crazy Neighbors from Hell!  Everything from dog poisoning to tree damage to pellets shot into pigeons across property lines. 

    Yes, it is, we believe, serious mental illness; and it isn't just men!

   Trespassing, property damage, theft, vandalism, over $15,000 worth of property damage cannot be ever forgotten.  Document everything and report it to Calaveras Sheriff.

   From the other stories we've heard, the racist scum in Calaveras are the main ones with the mental disorders, who cannot stop violating laws!!

   Be careful out there!!  If you have a neighbor who is a racist Trump cultist, you could be in danger!

   Way too many Neighbors from Hell!  LOCK THEM UP!! LOCK THEM UP!!

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