Saturday, August 25, 2018

Mr. Oliveira: Your new signs are ridiculous!!! Integrity????? Booze party?

  Whoever had the idea to put up the new signs for you has no clue what is effective.

   Your signs are now a joke, ludicrous lies and sentences for people to read while driving are not a good idea.

   The Callaway campaign is happy though.  Proves you are getting desperate to try anything to get another 4 years to destroy District 3.

   Integrity??? Wow!  Now we ALL know you have none, Mr. Oliveira. Let's see now. "I'm for banning pot!  NO, I'm voting for pot!  Wait, NO!  Make the voters decide on pot! NO! my friend Mr. McmAnus wants the ban to stay, so it stays!  "

   You just blow to the smelliest hole you can find, right next to your stinking buddy the racist Mr. Preston. (You know, the one your repeatedly have said you washed your hands of and will have nothing to do with).

    Your whole bunch needs to have a BIG Booze party tonight!! You know, they don't like it that you drink at the country club!  They want you to stay at their level!


Anonymous said...

Agreed. His mouthpiece Alice Montgomery is doing a great job of getting voters for Merita! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Merita should make signs of her eating his blood soaked heart in her hands! Halloween is around the corner!

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows its just preston, Montgomery and muetterties.