Thursday, August 30, 2018

Signs during Calaveras Cargo CONTAINER permit hearing

  In the back of the Calaveras Supervisor meeting, a man was holding up signs saying:

  8.06 = NO Due Process

   Containers are not structures

   Oliveira stated that he thinks its okay to charge permits for having a Cargo Container on your property.

   We understand he started all this trouble when a contractor who does not support him put a container on his land because the County would not issue a building permit.


Anonymous said...

At least Garamendi stood up for property rights. thanks, jack

Anonymous said...

Selective enforcement. Mills picking on cannabis growers. Creepy man.

Anonymous said...

You are right about olivera. he hates that guy who won't support him who put containers on his land. mills and olivera are just alike

Anonymous said...

That moron Mills says he's so worried about fire, but the fact is that the ONLY things that did not burn in the Butte Fire were the CARGO CONTAINERS!!