Friday, August 31, 2018

Strange Anonymous comment on Avery Saloon bar

   We have received a very strange ANONYMOUS comment (not printable) about the Avery Saloon bar, stating that the bar is a bar and not a family place.

   "Families aren't having dinner there, or bowling, or seeing a movie". This person talks about the murder and says it did not happen in their building (not true), calling it a tragedy.

   In capital letters is written "NO BRAWL AMONG DRUNKS TOOK PLACE THERE, EITHER"

   Also stated was that it was "MY PARTY", also stating the Booze is the root of all evil is a LIE

    They actually tried to get us to COME DOWN THERE to drink, offering to buy a drink!  Then goes on to say we are actually kind of a family who hang out there. OMG!

   Another statement made in this long diatribe was that they did not believe their bartender (whoever that is) had EVER been fired from any place.

   Stranger and Stranger!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone was imbibing before they wrote. sad

Anonymous said...

strange anon comments from strange anon people, most likely drunk HIC