Thursday, August 23, 2018

Merita Callaway for Calaveras Supervisor

Calaveras County needs
Supervisor Callaway!
  We had a short visit with Supervisor Merita Callaway this morning.  We asked her a couple of questions about current Calaveras Supervisor issues, and she was up to date
on what is going on at the meetings.

   Callaway is a victim of the cowardly males, who use filth and slur words against any woman who is perceived to have "power" over them.  We compared notes on who these scumbags are; very interesting.

  Callaway is concentrating, as she always is, on assisting the residents of Ebbetts Pass. She never really stopped, even while she was out of office.

   We believe she will step right back into the role of Supervisor and will be a great benefit, not just to residents in District 3, but to the other Board members and the entire county.

   We look forward to January, when she will be sworn back into office.


Anonymous said...

AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!! Amazing woman who works for us!

Anonymous said...

Great article and compliments for the next district 3 supervisor