Friday, August 31, 2018

Dear Editor: Don't retire!

   Dear Editor:

    Just one thought I figured I would share with everyone this morning. Do not retire!

   I retired and now the most excitement I get is when my dogs bark. I jump up thinking someone likes me and is coming to visit.

   But, wrong, it was nothing because I just don't matter anymore!  No one cares what I think or what I do, so don't retire, is my advice

     Don't give up your real purpose in life!  Just sayin'!

   E in Arnold


Anonymous said...

Yes, retire!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the person who said "Yes, retire".

Of course, money is a little tighter but "Everyday is Saturday". Since I retired, I can spend half of the year in the beautiful Up Country. And that is a great and wondrous blessing! The other half of my year I spend in Southern California with my grandchildren, who are also a blessing from Heaven...but So Cal is definitely NOT.

Anonymous said...

Once you don't work for a living, live off the welfare, no one cares, no one tells you anything. you aren't worth anything anymore