Friday, August 31, 2018

So much for Oliveiras claim of less crime in Ebbetts Pass

  Everyone sort of knew instantly that Calaveras District 3 Supervisor Oliveira was lying when he made the claim that he had cleaned up Ebbetts Pass, that there was now less crime.

   Not long after we heard that, a resident informed us of yet another burglary and that he hadn't even bothered to report it because this Sheriff does nothing about it,  not even investigate these crimes.

  Oliveira and DiBasilio are close drinking buddies and are trying to help each other get elected so they don't have to work and can suck off the taxpayers.

   Oliveira has stated that he needs one more election to get a full retirement benefit from Calaveras.  Maybe if he didn't spend so much time picking his nose, he could get something done. 


Anonymous said...

It's true that this sheriff does nothing.

Anonymous said...

You have to beg them to write a report. Worthless!

Anonymous said...

My friend filed an online report of a residential burglary three weeks ago and has not heard one thing from anyone at the department. She even gave them the suspect so not a lot of investigating to do. I guess if it’s not going to get any publicity for Dibasilio they don’t bother with it!

Anonymous said...

I tried to file one online and it doesn't even work right. all a plan to make it look good for ollivera?

Anonymous said...

The shock In people's eyes when you tell them olivera says this. Everyone knows crime is bad. vandalism, theft, burgary, harassment, etc on and on