Thursday, August 30, 2018

Is your neighbor OBSESSED with YOU??? Neighbor from Hell!

    We hear a lot about weird neighbors, but how about this one? 

   Is your neighbor obsessed with you and has been for over 20 years?  Many times rejected for smell, mental instability, etc., does this neighbor now harass and even become violent towards you?

  Has their been vandalism in order to get your attention, actual stalking, even at your office or work location? Is this person also unable to keep a job, chaws like a big cow and is a complete coward unless the person they despise is tied up in the back seat of their car?

   Does this person steal, conspiring with his wife, who his relatives say is more crazy than he is?
Well, looks like you've got a SUPER Neighbor from Hell? 

  Be careful, danger comes in fat Nazi packages!

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