Friday, August 24, 2018

Typical political EVANGELISTS, blame it on WIFE! Duncan Hunter???

     The Republican right-wing, the EVANGELISTS, the holier-than-thou's, the self proclaimed PERFECT religious right to lifers, are the worst of the worst.

   The most racist, the most crooked, the most judgmental and the most hateful, encouraging Trump to take children away from their mothers if they aren't WHITEY white!

  Now there's Duncan Hunter, who is charged with 60 indictments of campaign fund violations, money spent ($250,000) on family vacations to Italy, and many other gifts to themselves. His wife is also charged.

   When he was first charged, he said it was all " a political" and phony charge. Then last night, he said "My WIFE did it all. She was campaign chair, she was Treasurer! "

   These are the most dishonorable and disgusting people we have EVER seen. If he gets re-elected to his southern California Congressional seat, they deserve him.

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