Sunday, August 26, 2012

Davies Wants To Maintain All Sewer Connections?

   Unbelievable! No, Davies wants to add to their expenses, cleaning people sewer lines, specifically the Peccia's, who brought the issue to the board.

   This would be completely against the recommendation of the Engineer Gary Ghio and General Manager, Julio Guerra.

   Peccia started yelling that other cities have been sued, but their issue is different. They do not have that kind of money. Peccia affirms that his is the only one that needs to be repaired.

   He says they are responsible for all laterals. Why are they seeming to agree to maintain one person's private sewer lines? Favors for a friend? Is this the screwiest district in the County, or what?

   They did not studies of what future expenses would be. Who's money are they spending?

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