Sunday, August 5, 2012

Letter to Editor: About Black Bears

  Dear Sierra Sentinel Editor:

   We love the Sentinel animal stories and follow the website each day.  I have a belief that the California Fish and Wildlife or Fish and Game has a different reason for trying to make residents terrified of the bears.

     Personally, the F&G I know seem to be afraid of everything, and are not real animal people! Oh, give them a big gun to kill with and then they're brave!

    I think they want everyone to run them out of neighborhoods not because they really believe the bears are a danger to people, but to give the HUNTERS more bears to torture and kill.

   I've done some research and the person who wrote Dear Animal Lovers is right. These black bears neither hunt nor eat humans. I don't blame them, we taste terrible!

   My family welcomes them on our property and wish they would stay longer. We put out water for all the wildlife, and during hunting season I wish we could protect them more.

   The Black Bear is a majestic and yet basically gentle creature. A mother with cubs can become very protective and yet, not one has killed any human in any records that I have researched.

    We have no Grizzlies in California.


Anonymous said...

You are correct. Special interest groups ALWAYS rely on the apathy of the public when fighting for their causes. They know the average voter will read it and believe it. The truth is that in OVER 30 years there have only been 12 black bear attacks and NONE of them were fatal. ALL of them were when the victims were in bear territory not the other way around. If you want to participate in a brutal, cruel and vicious "sport" just call it what it is. It is FUN for you to kill....period. Say it out loud....say it to everyone. Because it is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Why are people calling this a sport? If the bears have guns so its an even match, its a sport. Hunting is a pathological desire to watch innocent amimals suffer and die, period!