Monday, August 13, 2012

Marijuana Plants Eradicated in Mokelumne Hill

      On August 10, 2012 the Calaveras County Sheriff's  Office in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management and the newly formed CERT (Cannabis Eradication and Reclamation Team) eradicated approximately 5100 mature marijuana plants.

    The plants were removed from public land located in steep terrain above the Mokelumne river drainage near Mokelumne Hill. 

   Evidence found on site indicated that persons were likely living in the area of the grow sites, and additional evidence indicated that the subjects had been armed.

    Upon entry to the site one or more subjects fled from the sence and into thick brush, according to the Sheriff's Office press release. No suspects were located or arrested.

   Following the removal of the marijuana from the grow-site, garbage, chemicals and irrigation infrastructure was removed.

   The cleaning process was done pursuant to the mission of the CERT team, who works with local agencies to remove cannabis as well as the associated garbage.

    During prior eradication seasons no resources were available to remove garbage from sites, while the use of the CERT team provides personnel and resources to accomplish the task.

    In total, the Calaveras County Sheriff's office has removed over 45,000 marijuarna plants from Calaveras County lands during the 2012 growing season.

    All of the sites eradicated were clandestine outdoor operations and nearly half of the eradicated plants have been found growing on public lands.


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