Friday, June 2, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Thank you Public Works

UPDATE:  While we realize this writer was willing to sign their name to this letter, we have deleted it for their own protection!

   Dear Editor:

   I should have written this letter some time ago, but anyway.  I want to thank the Public Works Department (the part that handles the dumps) for putting that nice guy Dean at the Avery Dump.

   He is always polite, but professional,
and nearly everyone seems to like him.  All, that is, except a few creeps in Ebbetts Pass, who have been, I heard round the gossip table, giving him a hard time.

   One certain creep, I heard is a bad cop, who has been written up in nearly every newspaper in northern California for beating up some kid or something like that.

   I recently heard that this creep (yes, I do call him a creep) and his wife for some unknown reason, were supporters of the old person at the dump, and now falsely make complaints about the new one. 

   Here's what I think!  Anyone with that kind of reputation of (according to all the newspapers) wrote false reports, can be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

   Again, I commend the Public Works staff and Dean (I don't know his last name) for their hard work and courteous behavior towards the public.

   S in Arnold


Anonymous said...

You mean the guy at the window. Yes, he is very nice.

Anonymous said...

I tiink I just learned that there are NO secrets in ep.

Anonymous said...

I'll 2nd that one