Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Angels Camp Police still on trail of dog abuser??

I'll get that frog abuser!
Oh, you said dog???
   If you have been following the story of the Angels Camp Police Department's searches, arrests, warrants, searches, examinations, necropsies, etc. regarding three dogs who went missing
 from a board and care,  you must be as confused as we are.

   ACPD now says a necropsy will not yield any results in the reason for the death of the third dog,
that they no longer seek the Rutt person is no longer being sought, and that their primary alleged  suspect  in the case is Hughes. They plan a preliminary hearing in the future some time.

   It also states the investigator met with the Calaveras District Attorney. Now we know for a fact that Yook is the worst District Attorney in the State of California.  She couldn't even get a conviction for  murder for shooting someone in the back.

   We also know she could care less about abuse of animals and women; she only cares about covering for dirty cops; her own husband is a Calaveras deputy. Yes, Calaveras is also the most corrupt county in California.  So, who knows what is really going on down there.

   This just proves that the City of Angels Camp should dissolve, just as the Grand Jury ordered. Incompetent policing, including reckless driving and inability to solve the REAL cases in Angels Camp.  This will probably not be going anywhere, just like most things in this City.

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