Saturday, August 12, 2017

City of Angels (Camp) mayor impugns Calaveras grand jury

Who is the more evil, the city council
or the administrative officer and staff??
  Thought you would never see the day that a sitting (although unelected) Mayor in the City of Angels (Camp) would impugn a Grand Jury??  The shocking truth is, YES!!

  Well, you've seen it now. It's on video. The Mayor, fearful of losing his power as a city councilperson and now mayor, accused the Grand Jury of making up the need for Angels to dissolve
and become part of Calaveras County.

  In fact, the mayor quickly got the item passed as a challenge by a sub-attorney for the city.  Why is that?  Is the PAID City Attorney embarrassed that he has such a conflict of interest.  Corruption on the rise???

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