Sunday, August 13, 2017

Confederate statues erected in 1960's

   During the time of the federal governments fight to end school segregation in the 1960's many governors had civil war monuments erected.

   The purpose was to solidify white supremacy in the south, and try to fight segregation. Just tear the stupid statues down. Stop talking about it!!! These people were traitors to our country!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, let's forget all American history. Let's just go to hell in a handbasket! The collapse is already here. Look around, what do you see? A very high cost of living to include high cost of all government. The USA is ripe for demise while suffering internal chaos! What country will challenge the USA and with the derelicts (with their own interest guiding them) leading them. What chance does the real American have to survive? Good Bye America, it was an amazing 70 year journey.