Saturday, August 19, 2017

Did City of Angels Camp help CAO get new job without firing?

   It took the Calaveras Grand Jury to force out into the public that there was a question of misappropriation of funds against the former CAO, McHatten, who got a new job last fall.

   It was perfectly clear from the incompetent press release from the so-call Chief of Police Fordahl that they had intentionally kept it all quiet in order to assist the CAO in getting another job, which he did late last fall.

   The corruption at the City of Angels continues, with the new CAO (the former CLERK), keeping everything secret, not allowing the public to know that they are doing to them on a daily basis. The Mayor is just as corrupt and should NEVER be elected.  

   Most all of the City Council, except for Folendorf, have NEVER been elected. They got appointed because no one wants the shame of serving a City that is so corrupt and incompetent.

   They need to dissolve the City charter and become part of the County government.  If they did not have so many conflicts of interest and cared about the taxpayers, they would have already completed what the Grand Jury demanded.

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Anonymous said...

Cmon. This is what government does, pass around the bad ones instead of ever firing them.