Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Here Fish and Game goes again!!!

On Steven Buis' land, but aimed at our home!! There is
something mentally wrong with these people!!
Just keep them away from us and our land!!
  Believe it or not, yesterday we received an anonymous tip that the racist alcoholics, dirty cops who have been refused jobs many times,  and  bad neighbors
who want to drive through private property to theirs are at it again!!
   They have apparently involved State Fish and Game again also.  So we checked out cameras out back and sure enough a white SUV F&G vehicle RACED down Blue Jay Drive on the video. And we do mean RACED!!!

   We have reported these creeps before due to a many years long neighborhood dispute that the
drunks and druggies (some who worked for the government) and who got their friend at Fish and Game involved.

   We will again show a photo of a camera on Steven Buis' property, aimed at ours!  This man is obviously bad news.  It is not our fault that he is having personal problems.  He needs to take care of them and get his life back on track. 

   The SierraSentinel.com will not stop writing about the racists, gun thugs, dirty cops, outright drunks and those who we refused a driveway through our land to theirs.

  Among these people with serious problems are CHP, CalFire, USFS and the Post Office.  They try to hide back in the tulies and constantly seem to get into trouble. Can you believe this???

    It seems that another complaint to Natural Resources and the Governors office are in order now!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's what those kind do, try to use one of their own against others. sad times in Calaveras.

Anonymous said...

You know what the real problem is. I think they just take and take from the public dole their whole lives. Never work hard. Retire on our dime too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like these are the worst among those in gov. jobs. They are using other agencies to try and get back a neighbors?? Sick bunch you've got there. good luck!