Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"I am scared..but I refuse to be scared!!" TRUMP, not '45'!!

   This was a comment by a female MSNBC news correspondent this morning, after hearing about David Duke and the other Alt-Right racists stepping up their violence and protests around the country, with encouragement from Trump.

   "I am scared...but I refuse to be scared!!" is exactly the way we here at the Sierra Sentinel feel, whether its about extremist violent racist neighbors or evil racist Supervisors, law enforcement: the sick creeps who threaten to burn down our home if we don't move!!

   To the GOOD people of Calaveras:  Be scared, but don't allow yourself to be scared off by the violent racists here.  This includes the racist Candyrock gun thugs!! 

     We all need to send them back to hide under their rocks if Trump won't!  That is their proper place in the world!!

   And we will NEVER call Trump our President. A President presides and respects all the people. We also refuse to call the creep '45', as some are now doing
.  He will always be just TRUMP to those of us who work hard, respect others and love the American dream.

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