Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Oil, Oil, Oil...clear harmless Oil, a little slippery, but that's ok, right??

Losers should keep their stinking
logs on their OWN land!
There will be a price to pay!!!
What?? Afraid of a little Castor Oil. Good for the mental instability that ails you??? We hear it even helps with affliction of violent racism!!

We can't stop laughing at one person's telling us what to do about
a mentally disturbed neighbor. Is trespassing against the law? NO?  Good thing! There will be a lot of woofing (tee hee)!

  It's a secret for now, but you will enjoy reading about it in the days to come. Cool, clear OIL!!! Everywhere, and on and in everything??? Thank you, my friend!! For every inch that' s trespassed, for every minute of time it continues.....

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