Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thank you Calaveras County Auditor Callen! It's malfeasance!!

    One department in much laughed at Calaveras County that has gained much respect over the years is the office of Auditor/Controller Rebecca Callen.

   Last month she refused to allow District 3 Supervisor Oliveira
to misuse funds that had not been budgeted for a Moose-Gate Bridge on Blagen Road in Arnold.  It was to help with his re-election in 2018.

  Now the Sheriff, temp. DiBasilio, has been bragging about all the brave arrests he and his deputies have made loudly this week, cutting down marijuana plants after the Planning Department told him where they were.

   Total malfeasance and misuse of taxpayer dollars is alleged, since these growers had each paid $5000 for permits to grow.  The Bait and Switch technique the Sheriff used is disgraceful!!!

    Callen refuses to write the check to DiBasilio!!  Thank you Rebecca Callen for sniffing out the smelling pigs in Calaveras County!!

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