Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Trump comes unglued: Future of his Presidency in question

   Trump came out of his golden bathroom to take questions on his tax reform and infrastructure plans in New York, where there were thousands of protestors gathered outside his TOWER.

   Not one question was about infrastructure or tax reform and he became toxic, unglued and went off the rails at the press. 

    The future of this president is very much in question tonight as he then declared that the white supremacists were no more guilty of the trouble in Charlottesville than the counter protestors.

   While Gen. Kelly, new Chief of Staff stood by and watched, Trump accused everyone but he and his Neo-Nazis for everything, even managing to throw Sen. McCain under the bus.

     The man has lost his mind, its obvious.    What will Republicans and the GOP leadership do about this?? 

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Anonymous said...

This man has always been unglued.