Monday, August 7, 2017

What was Karen Strohmeyer doing at 5:45 AM? Calaveras Sheriff report!

       Our cameras alerted us at 5:45 AM that Karen Strohmeyer, wearing some type of MOOMOO, or possibly a nightgown, was standing on the property line, seeming to take photos of our property.  She did not appear to be trespassing, but was getting as close
as she could without going over at that time.

   Her husband, fired CHP Patrick Strohmeyer was standing right behind her. It was not yet light out!   The normal fear we have is the same we have had for many years, violence toward us. 

    We have had a security light up in our patio and on our home ever since the Calaveras Sheriff's Office recommended it due to trespassing and verbal threat issues.

  So, what were the Strohmeyers up to?  I went to the kitchen and turned on the outside light near the back door.  She continued to take photos, right from our property line. 

   Then she turned and waddled back up the hill toward their driveway, followed by her obese husband.  Then he went and turned the hose on and started watering his driveway for some reason, as she went back toward the house.

  We have reported this to the Sheriff. While it appeared she threw something over onto our property, we have not yet verified this.  However, since we have reported them for poisoning our dog Hunner in the past, this is our concern.  

   We have been to court due to terrifying problems with them and they have been ordered to pay us thousands of dollars.

    Why do they continue to harass and terrify their neighbors?  Is it because we refuse to have anything to do with them?   Is it purely a mental disorder??  We have been warned by them verbally that we better move away!! 

   About 30 minutes later, I was loading my truck to leave when I saw Mr. Strohmeyer standing in his driveway with his dog on a leash, calling "Come on Pepper, Come here, Pepper " and then whistling and calling again "come here, Pepper".  WIERD, WIERD, WIERD?? He apparently didn't know he already had the dog on a leash??

   What is wrong with people these days?  If you have problems, get a psychiatrist!  Leave others alone. 


Anonymous said...

What a fat pig and a natural born loser

Anonymous said...

Now that wasn't nice!! True, I think, but not nice!!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that she was suspected as the thief from several places in the past few years??