Sunday, December 17, 2017

Neighbor from Hell # 37!! Abuse an Animal--Go to Prison!!!!

Hard to look at??  How many
insane neighbors live in
Calaveras County???
  No excuses!  No breaks for the filthy racists who hurt animals!  Lock them UP!! Lock them UP!! Yes, they are often one of the same.

   This dog was found with his front
legs chopped off by an insane neighbor who was angry that he had chewed on his shoes.

   Do you realize how many insane neighbors like that live in Calaveras County.  LOCK THEM UP!!!

   The pig used a sword that he collected to cut off his legs, so beware of anyone who collects blades of any type.

   This one will survive because he was rescued, found suffering in agony and starving to death.  Is that mental case in prison???

  If you have a neighbor that you believe could be capable of this, then you definitely have Neighbor from Hell # 37, one of the worst Psychos we've ever heard of.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we forget how crazy some of our neighbors are. I think any animal abuse should get a prison sentence, and a long one. Or how about the same punishment for the criminal as the dog got.