Thursday, December 14, 2017

Calaveras Supervisors make more secret committees!! Here we go again!!!

   Calaveras Supervisors decided to make another secret committee (since their last one worked so well, huh?), this one to figure out a way to con voters into a large TOT tax.

   Then they formed another secret committee (called AD-HOC) to decide how to fund their employee PERS for the future. Garamendi wanted it done in public, but Mills and Clapp pushed to keep discussions secret.  Sad day for Calaveras!!!

 Why is Oliveira agreeing to this and why is this done as the Auditor is leaving the county. Tofanelli was the third vote to keep it a secret. Oh, boy!! Here we go again!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Mills wants to get one of his extremist trumpers some money, possibly that white supremacist in VS. can't think of his name right now. Watch out!!!