Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ed (Secessionist) Langan takes on Oliveira in District 3

   Ed Langan of Murphys, a Tea Party fanatic, State of Jefferson Secessionist, friend of Vickie Reinke and Supervisor Mills, along with McmAanus (the BAN'er), is running against Oliveira for Supervisor of District 3.

   How much worse could it be?  First the gun thugs with Michael Preston running things, and the Muetterties (OMG) and now another wacko right wing nut to challenge even that, pulling GOP's (Grizzled Old Pedophiles) further to the edge of the Earth.

   He wants to Make Murphys Great Again!!   Don't know about you, but we're SCARED!!! You don't even want to see a photo, believe me!!!

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Anonymous said...

Now yu'r talkin. This is the guy that Mills loves. He's trying to get rid of Oliveira and Garamendi to try and get more power back after humiliation.