Friday, December 1, 2017

Flynn FLIPS!!! This is BIG! WOW!!!

   This entire year, the investigative reporting about the Trump regime has been right on, over and over again.

     Now we wee that "Lock her up" singer himself, Mike Flynn, former National Security for Trump, is pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. 

   "Lock him up," Lock him up", will not likely be the result. He has taken this plea agreement in order to prevent the more serious charges against he and his son, from being filed.

   His lawyer originally stated to the press, that "Flynn has a story to tell."  When will we all get to hear that story.  We can pretty much assume its about the Trump presidency. WOW!!!

   Trump has been saying that this should be over by the end of the year. Perhaps it will, Mr. Von Trump!!!!

  We are talking about a former US General of our armed forces here!!

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