Sunday, December 10, 2017

Governor Brown says......OAK TREES WORST!!

  Yesterday Governor Brown said that these fires and I presume, our houses burning down, is the "new normal".

    The Governor thinks we need
to clear cut all trees, all bushes, everything.  The oaks are the worst transporters of fire; they have to be exterminated. Their leaves fly alit for miles.

   Then global warming will come sooner, not later as the trees protect us. Are these people who are in control of our lives, all idiots???

   The Sierra Sentinel begs to differ with the Governor.  We need new fire management practices and perhaps should even go
back to training residents to fight fire as volunteers, like in the old days, before the big unions pushed us out!

  CalFire too slow, delays inexcusable.  Nothing ever changes and who started these fires in SoCal anyway??

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Anonymous said...

You realize Jerry Brown is a DEMOCRAT? He's thinking how much budget money could be saved by less wildfires. I think he forgets where and who he is.