Friday, December 1, 2017

Is Candyrock gun range tied to child PORN???

   After receiving a press release from the Calaveras Sheriff that they have been investigating and have now arrested two in Hathaway Pines, near Candyrock shooting range, of allegedly possessing Child PORN,
we got an anonymous comment.

    In it, the person brings up that they apparently know of these two men in connection with the Candyrock Shooting Range (run by the USFS).

   This person also indicated shooting and drinking, worries about innocent people being shot and other problems at that quarry.  (See "Two arrested in Hathaway Pines")

   We forwarded the comment to DiBasilio and Supervisor Oliveira, since we had heard the place could be a hangout for kkk types, but had not heard about the child porn.

   It is yet to be seen if anything is done about that place, since it would take Calaveras County Sheriff and USFS authorities to close it down.  They have seemed to be personal friends with these people in the past.


Anonymous said...

Dangerous place to be All are armed and most look at you hard as though you are there to start a problem. If an outside person even a long term resident, be careful.

Anonymous said...

The Forest Service rules say if there is ANYONE there not to shoot that NO shooting can go on. That's why they run people off, even threateningly. Criminal types if you ask me. And the for serv does NOTHING to protect us.

Anonymous said...

For so many years this place has been a problem. I'm waiting to see if any elected people for D3 help us.

Anonymous said...

would not be surprised at anything.