Thursday, December 14, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Angels Camp "Deplorables" speak

   Dear Editor:

   I attended the December 4, 2017 Angels Camp City Council meeting a woman who bragged that she voted for "TRUMP" last fall and that it was meant
to be against marijuana too.

   She complained during public comment that she was insulted, as an apparent 'deplorable' by a certain City Council person who said normal people not against cannabis were afraid of the 'deplorables.'

   Well, I'm here to say the City Council person was CORRECT!   We are afraid of them!  Want nothing to do with those crazies. And, yes, we do agree they are crazy!!

   Deplorable is not a strong enough word.  I am angry, in fact, that the three City Council members who initially supported cannabis locally, chickened out!

  Their weakness and cowardly switch to back the religious 'deplorables' is disgusting. What a waste of a City!! They are allowing religion to control them, and yes, I am afraid of them. They are dangerous in my opinion!!

   J in Angels Camp

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