Friday, December 8, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Why Putin??

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

   The deeper this Russian probe gets, the more we seem to see the weird reasons why the 'nationalist right' worships him.

   He is an authoritarian, who rules with an iron fist, and backs the same 'values' as the so-called evangelists in the US do; that of racism, anti-womens rights and anti-gay.

  In their wish to MAGA with Donald Trump, do they realize that they will be losing our Democracy and all the other rights we have that they do like?

   It has come to the point where I am frightened of these Nazi followers, who encourage Trump, Moore, Bannon, Hannity and others to accept assaults on women as the way the Bible intended.

   I don't know for sure how your other regular readers feel, but this has got to stop, in my opinion, before we go over a cliff from which there is no return.

   Anonymous please in Ebbetts Pass

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Anonymous said...

we all have good reason to be scared.